Maruzen calls on university libraries, public libraries, corporations, government organizations, and individual researchers throughout Japan, and sells books over the Internet as well. We offer foreign books in every imaginable field, maintaining a database of information on more than 1.6 million titles from 8,000 foreign publishers, with a particular emphasis on academic books written in Western languages. We issue monthly catalogs of newly published foreign books in which we introduce more than 40,000 titles each year, distributing 40,000 copies covering seven fields. We also offer 1.6 million titles of books published in Japan, covering every genre.
Maruzen handles 60,000 journal titles, maintaining a strong focus on academic publications. We accept orders from universities and researchers for publications in all fields, from the humanities and social sciences to science, engineering and medicine. Our proprietary MACS2 consolidated delivery system ensures rapid and reliable delivery of journals and enables us to provide customers with delivery information and other data.
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