The number of titles provided in the form of electronic journals increases year by year, and Maruzen currently offers electronic journals. We support electronic journal use in every format.
Nowadays information from various academic fields, from the humanities and social sciences to science, engineering and medicine, is provided rapidly over the Internet. In addition to offering databases that provide search and excerpting functions, Maruzen introduces optimum Japanese and foreign databases for the customer's requirements and provides links to databases and full-text journal content. In this way, we assist libraries and researchers in utilizing information to the fullest.
Maruzen serves as the sole distributor in Japan for academic publishers, societies and associations including the American Mathematical Society, IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. We sell electronic journals and Web databases primarily to universities, research organizations, and companies, and provide training and technical support.
Maruzen issues proposals for electronic journals and databases to various library associations. By means of proposals directed at library associations such as the Association of National University Libraries, Private and Public Universities Library Consortium, the Japan Medical Library Association, and the Japan Pharmaceutical Library Association, we supply consortia of universities, research organizations, and companies with electronic journals.
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