Maruzen exports Japanese books and journals to Japanese research organizations and researchers overseas. We supply more than 2,000 titles each year, primarily research books on Japan and Japanese academic journals. We invite those interested in inquiring about or ordering books or journals to contact the Export Department.
Containing 2,000 entries on the history of more than 1,000 companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, this publication is a must for researchers in the history of management and industry. Nine leading authorities in the field selected companies and their histories from their own academic points of view, and gathered and photographed materials with the cooperation of several dozen Japanese institutions.
Japanese picture scrolls are a composite art form characterized by distinctively Japanese pictures and writing. The pictorial art of Japanese picture scrolls, with its temporarily and story characteristics, has been called the inspiration for modern-day comics and animation. Nowadays many picture scrolls are kept under lock and key at art museums, and it is practically impossible to experience these pictorial treasures. The latest digital printing technologies have made it possible to offer seamless reproductions of picture scrolls in their actual size at a low price, and reproductions are now available as exclusive products from Maruzen. In 2003, we are able to offer the complete three volumes of Tale of Heiji Scrolls and the complete three volumes of Legends of Mt. Shigi Scrolls.
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