This is the 20th century's largest microfilm publication, consisting of 11,536 reels of microfilm containing every page (about 35 million pages) of 11,000 books in 16,000 volumes published in the Meiji Era. Spanning every academic discipline from history, religion, literature, economics, and law to the natural sciences, engineering and medicine, the collection enables scholars to trace the footprints of modern Japan.
The National Diet Library's Collection of Books Printed in the Showa Era CD-R Collection consists of 1,043 CDs containing 38,000 books in 50,000 volumes published between 1926 and 1948. Fully 30% of the collection is previously unpublished material, such as suppressed books and pamphlets. This dramatic historical and cultural record of the early Showa Era contains material from ten fields: the social sciences, government, law, economics, finance, statistics, sociology, education, manners and customs, and national defense and military affairs.
This is a reproduction of the Shosoin's entire collection of 4,960 sutra scrolls. These scrolls are both an important intellectual heritage for mankind and a trove of material for Buddhist research. Since the Scrolls of Sui and Tang Dynasties published in 2000, we have continued to publish about 250 scrolls each year, and the publication of the 750 Scrolls of Gogatsu-Tsuitachi-kyo (1st May Sutras) Dynasties will be completed in 2003. Taking full advantage of the latest technologies, Maruzen is opening up new horizons in research in Buddhism, the history of the Japanese language, ancient and medieval history, and cultural history by preserving for all time invaluable materials dating back more than 1,000 years and making possible their use for scholarly purposes.
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