Maruzen provides "Knowledge Worker" and "Academic Club," proprietary Internet-based service platforms for customers in academia, business, and government, which respond to the requirements of a broad spectrum of customers in the academic market.
Knowledge Worker is an academic information platform that provides academic organizations with one-stop access to a vast store of academic information from books, magazines, and electronic journals. Since the service was launched in 1999, it has been introduced by more than 2,000 institutions for use as a tool for selecting and purchasing academic books, supplementing journal subscriptions, and searching subscribed-to electronic journals and as a platform to link libraries and end users.
Knowledge Worker can search and place purchase orders for books from among 2.0 million foreign titles and 1.6 million Japanese titles. The platform is completely unlike the many run-of-the-mill book sites found on the Web in that it incorporates services developed from Maruzen's unique perspective as the leading provider of books to the academic market. As such, it comprehensively supports the selection and purchasing requirements of the library staff at academic institutions and of end users of academic books. Featuring a data link with the customer's library systems and a highly detailed purchase order screen tailored to the customer's purchasing system, Knowledge Worker is used extensively as an essential book selection and purchasing tool at academic organizations.
Knowledge Worker provides content information for 20,000 leading academic journal titles from around the world. It has received high praise as a means of supplementing journal subscriptions from the staff of libraries struggling to maintain subscriptions in the face of price increases for academic journals.
With Knowledge Worker, it is possible to search for a paper from among the content of 20,000 academic journal titles and confirms whether the paper is included in a library's collection. If the desired paper is unavailable, it is possible to request a reproduction. Knowledge Worker responds to the nascent requirement to convert library journal subscriptions from physical collections to online access.
The appearance of electronic journals has sparked tremendous interest among libraries in methods of providing public access to and promoting the use of subscribed-to electronic journals. With Knowledge Worker, a library can provide links from results of searches of the contents of 20,000 journal titles to the full texts of subscribed-to electronic journals at the article level. Called the electronic journal full-text link function, this distinctive feature of Knowledge Worker currently provides links to about 4,000 electronic journal titles from 18 leading publishers from around the world. To promote the use of electronic journals, libraries use Knowledge Worker as a tool for cross-searching electronic journals published by multiple publishers.
A platform for providing a broad range of information from books to journal papers, Knowledge Worker delivers the latest new book information and journal index information by e-mail. Maruzen takes advantage of this alert feature to periodically provide the latest academic information to end users engaged in various academic pursuits.
To strengthen engagement with university faculty members, corporate researchers, and other individuals affiliated with institutions that do not subscribe to Knowledge Worker, Maruzen provides the Academic Club service for individual subscribers. Academic Club enhancements unavailable from Knowledge Worker include a payment function and information provision function for individual subscribers.
Maruzen takes full advantage of more than 200 sales representatives and two Web-based services to proactively provide the full spectrum of information required by our customers in the academic market.
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