Maruzen provides outsourcing services for the full gamut of library operations, including collection management activities from the selection and ordering of publications to their receiving and processing (bibliography production using RLG and NII), collection access and counter functions, and library work process efficiency enhancement through coordination between Knowledge Worker and library systems.
Maruzen provides digitizing services tailored to customer needs, such as digitizing to preserve valuable materials and promote access to routine documents such as bulletins and the construction of web sites or databases to disseminate information.
"The Maruzen team of consultants thoroughly versed in Ministry of Education application procedures draws on a wealth of experience to provide comprehensive consulting services concerning plans to establish new faculties and departments at universities and junior colleges.In the area of facilities and equipment, we employ first-class architects and engineers to respond to the requirements of universities with a high degree of specialization and technical capabilities. For public libraries, we apply a wealth of specialized knowledge to assist in devising management and operation systems scaled to suit the available budget."
Maruzen operates shops on the campuses of about 100 universities across Japan. Offering primarily books and stationery, these shops serve students, researchers, and faculty.
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