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On February 1, 2016 Maruzen Co., Ltd. and Yushodo Co., Ltd merged to form a new company, Maruzen-Yushodo Co., Ltd.

Maruzen, founded in January 1869, had its beginnings introducing Western learning and culture to Meiji Japan, and ever since has striven to supply the knowledge we need to live better lives, in the form of scientific and academic information, and the creation of intellectual spaces.

Yushodo meanwhile began life in 1932 as an antiquarian bookshop in Jinbocho, Kanda, the Tokyo booksellers' district. Reviving after the war, as the place to go for antiquarian foreign books it gained a reputation in Japan and beyond as a purveyor of intellectual and cultural heritage, dedicated to maintaining this legacy for future generations.

By joining forces, Maruzen and Yushodo will build a structure that allows us to capitalize even more effectively on our respective strengths, and staff and management are united in their determination to offer our customers content and services of even greater value, and an even better array of knowledge.

February, 2017


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